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How to pass a random drug test at work

If you've already passed your pre-employment drug test, congratulations! You've cleared the first hurdle and got a job. But you're not finished yet. If your employer is like most, they have an ongoing program of random drug testing. Random drug screens present some challenges that pre-employment drug screens don't, so the strategy here is a little different than that found in our guide on how to pass a pre-employment drug test.

In a hurry?

To beat a random drug test, keep Sub-Solution synthetic urine hidden somewhere near your workplace (e.g. your vehicle), and a vial of Spike in your pocket at all times. When you are told to report for a random drug test, sneak off to prepare the synthetic urine. If you are unable to do this, use the Spike to mask the drug metabolites in your urine.

How is random drug testing different than pre-employment drug testing?

The biggest difference is that you have much less advance notice and privacy with a random drug test. Where you might have a week or more to prepare for a pre-employment drug test, you could have as little as 15 minutes to prepare for a random drug test. Where you have plenty of privacy to prepare synthetic urine for a pre-employment drug test, you may not have the same privacy during a random drug test. This means your strategy needs to be a little different. But don't worry, with a little preparation you can pass even the most rigorous random drug test.

How does random drug testing work?

Random drug testing programs vary by employer, but they all follow the same basic format. A list of all employees is compiled, and once every period (month, quarter, year, etc.) a certain percentage of them will be randomly selected to be drug tested. Random selection means that every employee has an equal chance of being selected in every period. So even if you were just tested your chances of being tested the next time around do not change. As with pre-employment drug testing, employers almost always choose urinalysis (pee) over other testing methods. If you want to learn about urinalysis and synthetic urine check out the urinalysis section of the pre-employment guide.

What makes random drug testing complicated is that you never quite know how much freedom you will have to prepare to beat the drug test. For example, at a company that is very strict, you may be supervised from the second you are told you have to drug test until the second you go into the room to provide your urine sample. How are you going to prepare a bottle of synthetic urine when your supervisor is standing right next to you? At a less strict company, they may just tell you to report for the drug test in an hour and leave you alone. It would be easy to sneak away and prepare synthetic urine in this case.

How do you pass a random drug test?

To be fully prepared for a random drug test, a two-pronged strategy is necessary.

Plan A

The first line of defense is Sub-Solution synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is the gold standard for beating a urine drug test, and should be your first choice. You'll need to keep a package stored somewhere at or near your work where you can get to it quickly. Your personal vehicle probably provides the most privacy, but could also be hard to get to during a random drug test. When you are notified that you will be taking a random drug test at work, sneak away and prepare the Sub-Solution synthetic urine. If you are unable to do this, you will have to go to Plan B.

The reason Sub-Solution is specifically recommended is because it is the only synthetic urine on the market with heat activating powder. This allows you to instantly bring the urine to the correct temperature. All other synthetic urines on the market use heating pads, which take at least 45 minutes to bring the urine up to temperature. You may not have this much time during a random drug test.

Plan B

Your second line of defense is to use Spike. Spike is a masking agent that you add directly to your urine. It reacts with the drug metabolites in your pee, making them invisible to the drug test. The vials are small enough that you can keep them in your pocket and not even notice. This means that you can keep it with you at all times when you are at work, and will never be caught without a way to pass a random drug test. The reason Spike is your second line of defense instead of your first is that it is not as good as synthetic urine. It might not always hide all of the drug metabolites in your urine, and masking agents can sometimes be detected. Synthetic urine will always the best way to pass a urine drug test, but if you can't get to your synthetic urine Spike will give you a fighting chance.

What next?

Now that you know how to pass a pre-employment drug test, and how to pass a random drug test, there's nothing standing in your way of being gainfully employed. Hopefully you found these guides useful. If so, please share them with your friends.

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